How to Keep a Journal ☼

    Step 1: However you want

    My last post was a bit of an intro into this one and I’m super excited. Writing is one of my favourite things in the entire world. I would write the most when I was about 15 and for the years that lead up to then. But then it kind of slowed down as my time became too occupied with study and I feel as though the further you get with your studies the less creative you’re allowed to be with your writing. Unfortunately, my university subjects do not incorporate an abundance of creative writing outlets, however, when they do I enthral myself into them. There is so much to discuss, analyse and express in the world of design. I do a lot of writing about it just for myself sometimes, I do a lot of writing about how I feel too and where I want to go and other things that I can’t even begin to describe. Which I’ll share here eventually. I think these photographs capture some of that.

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    It’s mostly mess. I wrote a story ages ago about this girl who kept journals after journals with no dates, no times or any sort of sequence, yet alone allowed it to be cohesive;

    “She wrote a book that did not make sense. It were filled with lyrics from songs she did not know the name of, drawings with no captions or explanations, paragraphs of imagination to a story that would never be told, poetry that never made sense and thoughts that crossed her mind every now and then. Sometimes she wrote in third person for the sake of remaining anonymous. It was a difficult book to follow as every time she came to write inside this book her mind was in a different place giving it no order or preposition. What you are holding now is the story of a girl who kept such a book yet this book is filled with a story only the wondrous would perhaps, somewhat understand.”

    I am still undecided upon whether or not I drew inspiration from this and allowed my already unorganised thoughts to be this or because I did create this character they were already me and I was growing with the character I created… and just like that my thoughts make no sense — another novel idea??! My handwriting is often messy in moments of pure inspiration and heavy thoughts to the point that I can’t even recognise my own handwriting. That’s one thing a lot of us are critical of, how pleasing is this journal entry to the eye? Sometimes it so simply, won’t ever be and once you let go of this completely irrational fear – the overall outcome will be beautiful despite it’s mess and imperfection. I think that is one of the things that make it art.

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    For me writing has always kept me sane. It’s my way of trying to make sense of the world and how little sense it makes. Everything happens for a reason… break my heart it’s good for my art… you know, that sort of thing. Take details from that mediocre day and romanticise them, romanticise him, romanticise her, romanticise the world and then directly afterward describe it for what it is… or 10 years later, whatever works, whenever you make those realisations.

    “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” – Guatama Buddha

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    Some nights I come home put on my favourite music and just write. Sometimes I just sit there and listen to the noises in the ceiling. Sometimes I go on tumblr and get inspired and rewrite poems and quotes. Sometimes I discover new music. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I write when I’m completely uninspired and end up inspiring myself in the process and then cannot stop 4 pages later. If you want to write your space doesn’t need to be perfect and your mind doesn’t need to be in any particular space. Sometimes the most beautiful words come when we least expect and sometimes they are just odd and plain bad. If you want to keep a journal just do it. Scribble whilst in your messy room listening to pop music or music from before you were born. Go outside and draw lines after lines. It doesn’t matter, like a lot of incredible things there is no right or wrong way to do it.

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    your art

    is not about how many people

    like your work

    your art

    is about

    if your heart likes your work

    if  your soul likes your work

    it’s about how honest

    you are with yourself

    and you

    must never

    trade honesty

    for relatability

    – milk & honey

    So here was a little midnight post – I don’t know what or why it is that inspiration seems to have been hitting me at these late hours. But if you’re keeping a journal my best advice to you is to let those ideas out and write, write, write without fear and with love.

    Sofija ♡


    twenty seventeen.

    I’ve always been one for journaling. For trying to capture as many moments as possible in any effort to preserve the way that moments make you feel. Over the past 2 years I’ve kept journals. Messy journals. With no start and no end. No dates or times or any organisation. They represent me in a way nothing else could. I could not think of a more perfect representation of myself.

    I love the inconsistency and freedom; yet part of me would also like to remember what day it was I fell in love with that story, how old I was and where I was. To be able to preserve parts of my life more vividly without the pressure of keeping a perfect and 100% consistently perfect and accurate account of all my days. That ‘dear diary’ stigma and it’s unattainable perfection of a journal we see in movies. Maybe some days but I feel too cliche doing this no matter how much I often love cliches?? This is why I love this idea; as alongside my messy journals filled with scribbles, quotes and random thoughts I can have a whole account of an entire year in my life. Even if all I had to write about that day was a quote from the book I’m currently reading or poem I saw on instagram. Years from now I can take this beautiful book and turn to whatever date to see what that day brought to my mind.

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    Here is a little snippet of January 1 2017:

    ‘This year I want myself to be more creative and less afraid of failing. Putting words out into the world and finishing those damn uni assignments no matter if it is the best or worst thing that I have ever done. Allow myself to put things into the world…’

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    A messy little flat lay with some of my favourite christmas presents to start the year with and I’m utterly obsessed with !! Two faced new powder IS AMAZING!!! It smells like chocolate and I’ve been using it everyday. Also who can go wrong with a Chanel scent?!

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    Finding ways to journal that suit you is so rewarding and for me it’s the best way to discover. Also a big thank you and big appreciation to the boy who knew me better than myself when he got this beautiful journal for me.

    Love always,


    PS Can we take a moment to appreciate that tomorrow is this King’s birthday

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    I got a Fringe + Little Thoughts

    I’ve always wanted to cut my hair simply for the fact that I want to and most importantly completely disregarding the prospect of whether or not I ‘looked good’. Because who is to say whether I am attractive or not and what does it really matter?

    Recently the thing frustrating me most is how easily we are becoming brainwashed. I am brainwashed in so many ways that I am not even aware if, god, I’m even still brainwashed in ways that I am well aware of. Especially amidst the wake of recent affairs everyone has suddenly become experts on a range of topics. I am all for voicing your opinions and fighting for the things that you believe in but when all your sources have been put forward to manipulate your strong mind I think that failing to dispel the prospects and motives of the televisual (relating to or suitable for television, “the world of televisual images”)  can be potentially dangerous – and in recent news we are constantly seeing this as words are being misconstrued/ taken out of context by the common media knowingly and unknowingly promoting horrible doings.

    My face shape does not suit a fringe. That is an apparent fact. I don’t feel as though my side profile suits winged eyeliner. Yet here I am. In this small and insignificant way I have chosen to look past what is perceived ‘right’. I believe we all need to re-evaluate the things considered normal in our world and decide then and only with an open to mind to the bigger picture that reaches far beyond your own life whether this is a concept / action / way of life that is fair to all and promotes a positive future beyond what we can see.

    Being told that you care too much and are outspoken are only proof of your free-spirit. At least you are not at home behind a computer screen day in and day out trying to hurt people who are making lives for themselves and trying to change the world in what little way they can by telling them that they are too passionate, too individual or too creative. Maybe if those were more like them some would not feel the need to waste they’re potentially beautiful lives.Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

    Ultimately this post is brief and I could have incorporated an abundance of sources and examples. But, alone in this simple form I believe that we do not even need to be bombarded by proof in order to realise that
    everything we view through this technological world has been manipulated for a purpose. It’s gotten to the point where it is no longer up to us what we believe and the only way this can change is through an open-mind. An open mind that will listen, look at every part of the story, never make assumptions and accept that you will never know everything about anything.

    For more information regarding this concept look it up yourself and whilst reading (my post included) keep an open mind to the reasons behind what is being put forward to you.

    I hope this post resonated with you in some way and encourages you to rethink the news stories coming up in your facebook feed. And if you want to do something even if it is as small as cutting your hair you do it. So that when something bigger than a haircut is ticking over your mind that could potentially change the world you are brave enough to go out and do it.

    Lot’s of Love,



    Dreamin’ of Pisa

    This is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and the photographs do not even give Pisa justice. It’s one of those places young me always said I had to visit as soon as I had the chance.

    I’m definitely coming back Pisa.