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November 2016


    I got a Fringe + Little Thoughts

    I’ve always wanted to cut my hair simply for the fact that I want to and most importantly completely disregarding the prospect of whether or not I ‘looked good’. Because who is to say whether I am attractive or not and what does it really matter?

    Recently the thing frustrating me most is how easily we are becoming brainwashed. I am brainwashed in so many ways that I am not even aware if, god, I’m even still brainwashed in ways that I am well aware of. Especially amidst the wake of recent affairs everyone has suddenly become experts on a range of topics. I am all for voicing your opinions and fighting for the things that you believe in but when all your sources have been put forward to manipulate your strong mind I think that failing to dispel the prospects and motives of the televisual (relating to or suitable for television, “the world of televisual images”)  can be potentially dangerous – and in recent news we are constantly seeing this as words are being misconstrued/ taken out of context by the common media knowingly and unknowingly promoting horrible doings.

    My face shape does not suit a fringe. That is an apparent fact. I don’t feel as though my side profile suits winged eyeliner. Yet here I am. In this small and insignificant way I have chosen to look past what is perceived ‘right’. I believe we all need to re-evaluate the things considered normal in our world and decide then and only with an open to mind to the bigger picture that reaches far beyond your own life whether this is a concept / action / way of life that is fair to all and promotes a positive future beyond what we can see.

    Being told that you care too much and are outspoken are only proof of your free-spirit. At least you are not at home behind a computer screen day in and day out trying to hurt people who are making lives for themselves and trying to change the world in what little way they can by telling them that they are too passionate, too individual or too creative. Maybe if those were more like them some would not feel the need to waste they’re potentially beautiful lives.Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

    Ultimately this post is brief and I could have incorporated an abundance of sources and examples. But, alone in this simple form I believe that we do not even need to be bombarded by proof in order to realise that
    everything we view through this technological world has been manipulated for a purpose. It’s gotten to the point where it is no longer up to us what we believe and the only way this can change is through an open-mind. An open mind that will listen, look at every part of the story, never make assumptions and accept that you will never know everything about anything.

    For more information regarding this concept look it up yourself and whilst reading (my post included) keep an open mind to the reasons behind what is being put forward to you.

    I hope this post resonated with you in some way and encourages you to rethink the news stories coming up in your facebook feed. And if you want to do something even if it is as small as cutting your hair you do it. So that when something bigger than a haircut is ticking over your mind that could potentially change the world you are brave enough to go out and do it.

    Lot’s of Love,



    Dreamin’ of Pisa

    This is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and the photographs do not even give Pisa justice. It’s one of those places young me always said I had to visit as soon as I had the chance.

    I’m definitely coming back Pisa.