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October 2016


    little things can change your life.

    Looking over my past couple of days it struck me how a few lovely experiences have suddenly outweighed the stress that has been trying to consume me. I had an idea to make a list of things that have recently been making me smile amidst this, so that maybe if work or study or anything has you down, your eyes might begin to sparkle again too.

    ♡ Going out for Coffee

    Processed with VSCO with se3 presetProcessed with VSCO with se3 preset

    Or whatever beverage that your heart desires.

    ♡ Snapchat

    Send someone you miss a little snap to see how they are or distract yourself with the filters. ps this isn’t sponsored.

    ♡ Zoella Vlogs

    I don’t know what it is about this women and her life but sometimes having her videos on in the background stop me from falling asleep whilst sketching floor plans and piecing together my journals for university. Or when on the verge of breaking down, 30 minutes of this literally gets me inspired again, anyone else?

    ♡ Fluffy Creatures.

    Perfect excuse to introduce the blog to my little kitten,

    Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

    But really all animals no matter how fluffy they are, are amazing.

    The other afternoon I went for a walk along the beach – this in itself is another little thing that can be super uplifting. This little puppy on a leash ran up to me. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW CUTE THIS PUPPY WAS. I really don’t know how exactly to express to you how cute this fluffy little animal was. It was so friendly and happy, with the biggest brown eyes and fluffy ears. The little girl and who appeared to be her grandma were so sweet informing me that beautiful little creature was a 16 week old Kings Charles Spaniel. From then I officially decided that when I can this is the puppy I am getting. I literally jumped straight onto instagram and followed every account owned by a King Charles Spaniel, which leads to my next little thing…


    ♡ Instagrams that belong to fluffy creatures

    Pls do yourself a favour and if you are not following @smoothiethecat do so right now and thank me later

    ♡ Throwback Taylor Swift

    I don’t know man something about singing songs you know every single word of since you were 15 is pretty impressive. I’m not going to lie, I’m kinda proud. PLUS I recently discovered that ‘back to december’ was about T Lautner?!?! How did I not know this?!

    ♡ Filling up notebooks


    Something about this is so satisfying for me.

    ♡ A Friendly Face

    Even if that friendly face is you. I cannot express how one person, telling you that the things that you think are all crashing down will stop, can change your outlook in a specific area of your life. And is cliche as this is – smiling at strangers can sometimes be so important.

    Let me know of any little things making you smile! The beautiful thing about this is that there are millions.



    * all photographs by yours truly

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    Seeing my Fave Band LIVE ♬ ♪

    I recently saw one of my favourite bands since, wow… since I discovered them through a rising musicians cover of their song ‘Jersey’ way back in 2011. The lyrics alone, at that point had me hooked. Fitting, how that was the song this pop-punk sensation, Mayday Parade, opened with on a Thursday night this Spring. When seeing live music you remember how in love you are with all the songs — hands down one of the best experiences.


    Processed with VSCO with b5 preset


    Processed with VSCO with b1 preset


    img_6799For reference here a couple of my fave songs you should have a listen to when you’re stumped on what music to check out:

    ♫ Jersey                                                                               ♫ Three Cheers For Five Years

    ♫ Terrible Things                                                             ♫ Sorry, Not Sorry

    ♫ Save Your Heart                                                           ♫ Amber Lynn

    ♫ I Swear This Time I Mean It                                     ♫ Jaimie All Over

    ♫ If You Wanted a Song Written About You        ♫ Stay

    ♫ You’re Dead Wrong                                                    ♫ Black Cat

    ♫ I’d Hate to be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About




    I could literally list every single one of their songs – I’m sure I’ve missed so many of the best. I can promise that as you listen you’ll realise that some of you’re favourite quotes, have been mayday lyrics. ☆


    Sofija xo

    P.S blurry pics hahahaha


    For You, Who Wanted to be the Artist.

    I was starting to feel guilty for loving all the beautiful things like film, art, travel and words. Like I was lazy for wanting these things in my little life. Lazy for wanting to fall in love with the world? I wanted to start running but had no time. I was committed to things seen as ‘important’ but really I was not truly committed.

    And maybe that was my fault.

    Maybe constantly failing in things I didn’t enjoy was my fault. And I know, that with anything you do there are going to be parts you don’t necessarily enjoy but I feel like you know whether it’s worth it or not and sometimes it just isn’t. Because in that process you’re ignoring your passions, you’re letting them fall to the side. They say, ignoring passions is slow suicide, and I couldn’t see that as anymore true than I do right now.

    But the thing that has gotten to me, is how I was made to feel as though the only way that I could ever succeed was if I was anybody but the artist. If I wanted to be the artist that was ‘stupid’ and ‘unrealistic’. Such words stick with you, no matter how positive I tried to be. Because if no one around me could see any potential why could I?

    I can close my eyes and see the things that I want to be and do. Yes, some of those things are a little out of reach right now and yes there are parts I may find difficult, along the way to getting me there, but it’s all worth it. I am not aimlessly studying a degree that I am not ready to commit to, with interesting content but absolutely no job prospects regarding what I’ve always dreamed – never. The only way I could reach my job prospects was if a fairy came to me and granted a wish.


    “CLOSE YOUR EYES AND IMAGINE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU POSSIBLE. THAT’S WHO YOU REALLY ARE, LET GO OF ANY PART OF YOU THAT DOESN’T BELIEVE IT.” – C Assaad (I found it extremely relevant when this quote came up in my tumblr feed, fate??)

    In doing what is perceived ‘right’ I am letting my passions go. Passions that scream at me everyday. I am constantly being told how playing the piano, writing short stories and poems, painting, reading fiction and philosophy, drawing flowers, journaling, applying makeup for experimentation and even right now writing a blog post is all ‘procrastination’ (noun: the action of delaying or postponing something).  I can’t help but think on the contrary, aren’t I delaying my goals?


    Perhaps I know that life never is how you want it to go and readiness is just my excuse. But sometimes life turns out better and if something in your gut is telling you this is not it for gods sake LISTEN TO IT ALREADY!

    In the end I may never make it as an artist, my novels may never be published or artwork displayed but my god at least it will exist.

    The fact that I wrote parts of this in past tense when really it is my present became my own reminder that the way my life is right now is not forever and soon the negative parts will all be a part of myself that is no longer present. I think these things are important to hear even if it helps your mind to fall into that place of passion and positivity for 2 minutes at least you remember that you can feel alive.



    You are an artist.

    *images sourced from tumblr