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    Seeing my Fave Band LIVE ♬ ♪

    I recently saw one of my favourite bands since, wow… since I discovered them through a rising musicians cover of their song ‘Jersey’ way back in 2011. The lyrics alone, at that point had me hooked. Fitting, how that was the song this pop-punk sensation, Mayday Parade, opened with on a Thursday night this Spring. When seeing live music you remember how in love you are with all the songs — hands down one of the best experiences.


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    img_6799For reference here a couple of my fave songs you should have a listen to when you’re stumped on what music to check out:

    ♫ Jersey                                                                               ♫ Three Cheers For Five Years

    ♫ Terrible Things                                                             ♫ Sorry, Not Sorry

    ♫ Save Your Heart                                                           ♫ Amber Lynn

    ♫ I Swear This Time I Mean It                                     ♫ Jaimie All Over

    ♫ If You Wanted a Song Written About You        ♫ Stay

    ♫ You’re Dead Wrong                                                    ♫ Black Cat

    ♫ I’d Hate to be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About




    I could literally list every single one of their songs – I’m sure I’ve missed so many of the best. I can promise that as you listen you’ll realise that some of you’re favourite quotes, have been mayday lyrics. ☆


    Sofija xo

    P.S blurry pics hahahaha