Sunday Coffee Stains

    I’m always inspired to write when I come across cute little quotes like this one that resonate with me and I would really love to share it here!

    I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life. – Elsie de Wolfe

    It’s short but exactly what I needed. Not only that but I heard it only takes an eye to find beauty in the ordinary rather than just the extraordinary and to me that it something quite magical. As something so simple as a cup of coffee, filled of brown hues and palatable aromas can be alluringly beautiful if you let it be…

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    Yes, there are coffee stain on my lovely and WHITE blouse dress from DISSH. I was going to photoshop it out before posting to instagram and the blog but figured surely I am not the only one who has stained their white clothing before? And if I want, I can make it beautiful and poetic if I want it to be. The photographs captured this moment despite me going home and instantly scrubbing those stains out and don’t worry, they came out thanks to some magical products! But hey that’s real life, that’s ordinary and so what? WHy should I pretend that I’m perfect when that is something soo unattainable. These photographs aren’t for an editorial, they are for me and my own beautiful memories.

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    On the fashion side of things I wore my Dr Martens 1460 Mid Boots and bits of silver jewellery. Very simple and very casual but pretty. My friends belt is also from DISSH and makes for a stunning staple for festival season too!

    Thankyou for reading ♡



    A Natural & Different Makeup Post

    Hello there lovezzz! Today I thought I would share how I applied my makeup on this specific day to achieve the look pictured on my most popular instagram post and share the steps I took to get there. None of these steps are necessary if you don’t feel that they are for you. ♡ But I wanted this to be realistic and natural whilst encouraging whoever reads this to feel like it’s achievable because it so very much is!! I also wanted it to be uplifting and a lil’ inspiring rather than portraying something we’ve seen and heard a thousand times already.

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    “You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.”

    These words freed me and I couldn’t do such a post without beginning to discuss how I truly believe that there is beauty in everyone. As much as people tell me this is not true I think it’s something that you choose to see and there is always going to be beautiful aspects of a soul who is kind – a freckle on your nose is included. So please when you look back at photos of yourself you may not like remember that a photograph will never capture the enormity of who you are and in this modern age we are often too unnecessarily critical of ourselves in this way (sometimes you even feel the need to flip a photo a certain way so that your face look more proportioned… I mean for artistic affect). Makeup is fun and I believe; used when we simply enjoy it and enhance our features rather than attempt to change them completely, which I often see, is when it can be something quite empowering.

    “I remember when I was young I wanted to be beautiful; now I’m older and I want to be intelligent. I want to burn hearts with brilliance and engulf souls with compassion. I want to be loved for my thoughts and nothing else.”

    Quotes like this one shaped and inspired the way I like to look at beauty. Trends change and different ideals of attractive come and go more often than not, so why be so caught up in something that does not fulfil you? For me makeup can make me happy and if it doesn’t or I don’t feel like wearing it there should never be an obligation too. (I know this is hard and that there is a preconceived notion of not being ‘put-together’ without a  touch of makeup but honestly this is so silly).

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    So here are the simple steps to this natural look…

    1. A healthy body and mind is the  foundation to beautiful and glowing skin – drink LOTS of water, moisturise & find ways to de-stress.

    2. There is no right or wrong way to apply makeup, so long as you are pleased with the outcome and the way it makes you feel.

    3. I like to curl my lashes first and apply a coat of waterproof mascara because they are soo short and I feel a whole lot prettier after doing so. This also, for my little straight lashes is the only way by which I have been able to hold a curl in them – this is my prep for more mascara application later.

    4. I apply primer all over my face – I use a napoleon one for my under-eyes which is amazee however I still have not found any difference between any of the face primers I have tried so hit me up if you’ve found an amaze one! For this reason I’ve chosen not to share any specific one but primer does make a significant difference to how foundation applies.

    5. Usually concealer is best applied after foundation application for the places it does not cover but because I want an utterly flawless finish and because I know what parts of my skin do need extra help the next step I do is conceal / correct using Nars creamy concealer on spots which are red and my trusty Bobbie Brown corrector under my eyes to correct the darkness.

    6. Foundation – I use Estee Lauder’s Double Wear in ‘Ecru’ all over my face using a damp Real Techniques Spongeeeeeeeee. I press it into my skin to appear as skin-like as possible and then apply Two faced Born This Way Concealer in the lightest shade under the eyes, on the eyelids and down the bridge of my nose. Again pressing it in with my spoooonge.

    7. After letting my all time fave foundation and concealer dry and settle onto the skin I set it using my urban decay ‘naked skin definition powder’ in fair neutral with a light hand using an eco-tools powder brush.

    8. CONTOUR – omg I really don’t know how to start this I could write a whole post about how everyone cannot contour the same as that’s not enhancing everyone’s varying, unique & wonderful features. Despite cheekbones being fairly straight forward they are in different positions and angles for everyone so press your fingers into your face to find that hollow beneath the cheekbone and apply darkness there – I like to use the colour ‘Nudie’ in Two Faced’s Natural Eyes Matte Palette. If you already have a small forehead there is no need to add contour there. If your nose is already thin don’t feel obliged to apply darkness to the edges. Don’t feel obliged to add highlighter to your nose if you don’t want attention drawn there. AND if you like the shape of your nose, don’t feel the need to contour it. I personally add a small amount of contour below my cheekbones and then on the edges of my forehead and temple. I also apply a little to the very bottom edge of my chin to create the illusion of it not sticking out as much despite the ‘norm’ being to add highlight there. But if you want to bring out  your chin applying highlighter there is beautiful. Applying highlighter wherever you feel like putting it is beautiful and I like to do so on my cheekbones and cupids bow. With contouring and highlighting please think of it in terms of, ‘what do I want more prominent (highlight) and less prominent (contour)’ – No matter how you contour your face it isn’t going to change ridiculously and I feel like contouring in a way that suits you specifically can often make you more confident in the skin you are in. *The highlighter used here is Hourglass Ambient lighting

    9. My fave part is adding colour to my complexion – Benefits Hula Bronzer is perfect for this and I apply it to my cheeks and forehead. Benefits, ‘bene tint cheek and lip stain’ is also so nice for the apple of my cheeks and lips. It’s been my fave for years and smells like roses!

    10. Just like contouring all our eye shapes are different and I think it is the best thing to embrace this! For lots of eye shapes a bronzey colour in the crease goes a long way in opening the eyes and this is what I do using my Two Faced Neutral Eyes Matte Palette again.

    11. Next I apply mascara like crazy using Benfits Rollar Lash and a black line on my eye with a black liner I have and know works. This is usually the Stila or Maybelliene shiny one.

    12. Using the shade ‘sexpresso’ from that trusty Two Faced Matte Palette and an angled brush I follow the natural shape of my brow and brush any intense lines away with a disposable mascara wand. I also take this colour on my bottom lash line until about the middle to add more definition to my eyes.

    13. Lastly I like to line those lips with Kylie Cosmetics Dolce K Liner cause it is so close to my natural lip colour and then add some Lip plumper gloss by Two faced – let it settle in and then put on my fave nuuuuude = Napoleon’s Matte Lipstick in ‘Sophia’.

    I am currently studying, alongside my university degree in Design, a Diploma in Make-Up Artistry and Screen Media. Let me tell you that through studying I  have learnt that there is so much more to makeup than what we initially perceive as right or wrong and how much goes into the images we are bombarded with on social media and television, which could be a whole other post in itself. My point is that really like most things that surround us we need to be critical in how we bring it into our own lives hopefully this has sparked a more empowering side to make-up.

    I hope this post was insightful and always let me know what you think, lots of love!




    Vintage Tee’s are my Savior

    Hello beautiful and welcome to my first official thursday posting post! I wanted to share with you a little secret of mine on how to keep lookin’ cool without over-thinking, whilst remaining super duper comfortable and even saving that beautiful planet of ours too. 🌍

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    My darling, vintage tee’s are the answer! those days where you’re lounging around home but may pop out at some point in the day… check! when you’re relaxin on holiday in a beachside town… check! coffee with your mum… check! early mornings to uni… check! This vintage Harley Davidson has honestly never failed me.

    Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

    Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

    Mine is oversized and i often roll the sleeves up a bit as well as tucking it into my black denim skirt of wear it with black ripped jeans but really there are infinite  ways to wear these and that is what makes them so easy and amaze! I’ve even worn this beauty to bed as it is THAT comfortable.

    Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

    They are honestly so cool for the everyday and so effortless! thrown together with literally any pair of jeans or tucked into a skirt with a cute pair of earrings or choker and you’re ready to go. plus it’s super awesome for our planet to re-use clothes in this absolutely stylish way, as there are so many amazing pieces being put to waste that we can style too easily! it literally makes me so so excited how trendy this has become and how much we can support the idea that ‘old’ instead of new can often = trends.

    Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

    Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

    The other day i spotted a girl wearing an awesome NASA oversized tee and i couldnt stop thinking how cool she looked in it! so that will definitely be my next addition to the collection. keep an eye out for awesome independent insta stores and glassons are selling some stunners!!

    Thanks for reading and let me know where you get your vintage tee’s from or whether your super excited to go on the hunt for some now! Lots of love, Sofija


    essentials i’m lovin

    Hello beautiful person! The other day I laid out a couple of bits I’m lovin and I am super excited to share the stories behind these beauts so that maybs they’ll brighten up your day like they do mine.


    Now let’s start with earrings and oh man, if you know me in real life you have 100% seen my wearing some sort of these threads. And these… SO COOL! They’re selling assortments of these babies all over the place and i assure you they are not painful in the slightest! (I’ve had lots of people ask me this) But honestly I think they are the coolest ever and look amaze alongside literally any other ear piercings you may have also! They kinda inspire me to get more so I can pair them with diff. themes. The ring pictured below is  from pandora it’s a very cute little piece to layer and the pink stone is adorbs! Love!!!!


    Now Marc Jacobs I feel you can do no wrong. This palette, ‘The Lolita’ (206) has been my obsession since I purchased it around Christmas time. The colours are true to how they appear and truly flatter my honey brown eyes. They are soft, so if you’re looking for high pigmentation these may not quite catch your fancy as the matte shades are very opaque but they do show well and are soft which is all i need on the natural day to day. I find the dark brown works for my brows when I want them bold as it iss extremely ashy (PERF) – although, my eyebrows are very dark and if i’m not applying a full face of makeup this can be a touch too dark for even me but it’s still the perfect bonus alongside being an excellent liner shade. Now the middle shade is glittery as anything and does transfer but is so stunning and applied with a wet brush changes the game. Now the next pink shade is 100% my FAVE – it. is. literally. chromatic. chromatic as anything and I’m obsessed. If you don’t know what that means well lots of colours bounce off it and it kinda has a rainbow beautiful affect, i dont really know how else to describe it. Because i love it so much there have been days I have just swiped this god sent shade all over my eyelids and left it as that allowing it’s beauty to show itself off. AND the perk, it literally stays on those eyes the whole day! The next shade 2nd from the right is a beautiful subtle shimmer and the last is the most pigmented shade in the palette and oh my is it lovelyy.


    Skin skin skin. I am a strong believer that a hydrated face and body can do miracles. I has heard so much about this Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray and boy does it live up to it’s expectations. Applying this before and after makeup does make your foundation settle into the skin perfectly however I do still use another makeup setting spray for longwear as i feel this does not do this.

    Under eye circles are defs not my fave :((( Yet the product that has helped me out most is this Bobbi Brown Corrector in ‘Bisque’. I thank you Bobbi Brown as this under concealer completely changed my under-eye game for the better, I honestly don’t know what I would do without this babe of a product.

    PSA: Kmart sell aesthetic AF eyelash curlers for $4!!!!!!! (and they do not pull your eyelashes out like some of those pricey ones)

    The second ring pictured is the silver moonstone and the most adorable little trinket I found at a small boutique somewhere around and has inspired me to start collecting more rings from all around the place. They are just too pretty to look at and make your hands oh so pretty.


    Lastly and my most favourite piece out of alll is my silver bracelet. I purchased this on my Italy trip in December 2015 in the most beautiful country San Marino. I have not taken this off since (except to take these photos). I literally wear it to the beach, in the shower, EVERYWHERE and it still looks the same as the day I bought it – AMAZING quality. Blessed by the Pope in the vatican too it has so much meaning to me and I hold it so dearly. A piece that I will have forever.

    Thankyou so much for reading! It makes me so beyond happy to hear from youu so let me know if you own anything I’ve chatted about here or own a piece of jewellery that has lots of meaning. Lots of love,,